Did you know your homeowner’s insurance may cover this?

Blog posted On September 25, 2019

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You get homeowner’s insurance to protect your family and your property from fire, thefts, and weather damage, but did you know it may also cover other unexpected hazards?  Consumer Reports collaborated with the Insurance Information Institute and found six surprising incidents your homeowner’s insurance may cover. 

  1. Damage from Drones – if you or your children have drones, you know they can be fun and also a liability. Unintentionally photographing a neighbor could make you liable for invasion of privacy.  A drone accident could lead to injury or property damage.  Your drone could also be stolen.  Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover anything from a replacement drone to the defense needed in your invasion of privacy case.  Keep in mind, homeowner’s insurance policies will only cover noncommercial drone use.
  2. Dorm Décor and More – when your kids go off to college and live in on-campus housing, the items in their dorm count as your household property. If something is stolen or damaged in their dorm, your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover it.  This coverage will not extend if your college student is living in an apartment off-campus, and you may want to consider renter’s insurance in this case.  The same extension can apply to property kept in vehicles on your property or vehicles you keep off-property like RVs or boats.  Homeowner’s insurance will not cover damage to the actual vehicle but can protect your property inside.
  3. Celestial Objects – meteors, asteroids, rockets, satellites, and other space debris can fall on your home or property and cause damage. A typical homeowner’s insurance policy can cover this damage.  However, if space debris hits your car, you will have to file a claim with your auto insurer.
  4. Stolen Credit or Debit Cards – if you believe your credit or debit card has been stolen you usually have 48 hours to report it to your card issuer. If you miss your window, check your policy.  In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy may reimburse you for up to $500 in losses incurred from a stolen credit or debit card. 
  5. Grave and Headstone Damage – if your family owns a cemetery plot, your homeowner’s insurance policy may extend to this property. If your family’s headstone, burial vault, or other cemetery-related property gets damaged accidentally or through vandalism, you typically get up to $5,000 in coverage.
  6. Dog Bites and Pet Damage – breed restrictions may apply, but your homeowner’s insurance policy can protect you if you have a pet incident on your property or elsewhere. The severity of the issue may vary, your dog digging up a neighbor’s yard versus biting them on the hand comes with different levels of litigation, but your homeowner’s insurance policy can help cover these fees. 

Read your homeowner’s insurance policy carefully and go over it with your insurance agent.  Certain regions may be more susceptible to certain risks, and you want to make sure your policy protects your family and your home. 


Sources: Consumer Reports